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Welcome to the Jersey City Youth Choir, a vibrant community of young singers!


We are delighted to offer two distinct choirs tailored to the unique needs and abilities of young vocalists.

For our 7-12 year old choir, we provide a nurturing environment where children can explore the joys of choral singing while developing their musical talents. Additionally, our 13-18 year old choir offers a more advanced program, perfect for aspiring vocalists looking to refine their skills and take on more challenging repertoire.

As part of our registration process, we prioritize the individual needs of each participant, ensuring a personalized experience. If additional time is required for audition and placement in a group class, we are happy to accommodate. Furthermore, for those seeking one-on-one attention, we offer solo lessons as an alternative option.

Join us at the Jersey City Youth Choir, where the transformative power of music awaits you!


Don’t miss the opportunity to join the Jersey City Youth Choir and embark on an unforgettable musical journey! Whether you’re a young singer aged 7-12 or 13-18, we invite you to register with us today. Our choir offers a supportive and enriching environment where you can cultivate your vocal talents and make lifelong friendships. To ensure the best placement for your skills, part of the registration process involves an audition or placement in a group class. If you prefer individual attention, we also offer solo lessons. Take the first step towards unlocking your musical potential and register now. Don’t wait, spaces are limited!